Welcome to Harembath !

25. April 2016

Welcome to the Harem Bath’s artisan world with a good twist of our Oriental background.

As Harem Bath family, founded by two sisters, we are London Based textile lovers, providing only organic %100 cotton towels & bathrobes to those who would dare to change their bath experience!

The “Harem” of its time, the Ottoman private family in the court, was where the beauty secrets were best known and leisure was the privilege, and ‘Hammams’ used to be the most important part it.

Harem Bath in the 21st century, is pleased to bring your modern lives what we know best from our heritage; quality in Bathing! 

Harem Bath towels are perfect to use at home after shower, at spas after beauty treatments, at gyms for the healthy lovers and at the beaches for the summer lovers! You would be amazed with the water absorbent, space saving amazing textures and quality of your new Towels.

Bring a twist to your bath experience! Enjoy Harem Bath …

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